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We believe in Equal access.

We are tired of the fact that millions of hard-working Americans don’t enjoy a benefit that their more affluent colleagues might. In fact, the leaders of many public companies set up ESPP programs with the assumption that 40% or more of their employees will never participate.


That is just outrageous. 100% of employees should profit from ESPP programs, not just the wealthy employees. It's time that we make a change. This is our "Why".

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We believe employee benefits should be easy to understand and easy for everyone to participate in, no matter your income level.

Start getting ahead today!

If you are not currently contributing in your company ESPP, you are leaving thousands of real tangible money on the table every year. If you are living paycheck to paycheck and can't deduct more, this is why we exist. 

We help provide a way for you to invest in your future and get ahead. You decide if you want to sell the remaining stock and invest in your 401(k) or bitcoin, or keep the stock and hope it continues to go up in value. 

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“We live in a world where the future is uncertain, money is in short supply, and sometimes as an employee you just feel like a cog in the wheel at work... living paycheck to paycheck.
On top of all of this, you have so many demands on our attention that when you hear about an Employee Stock Purchase Plan, it might be the last thing you want to think about.

While we understand Taabl can’t solve all of these problems, we can address a few. We built a platform to bring everyone to the "Taabl", and allow all employees, regardless of gender/race/income to participate in an Employee benefit you deserve. We want to democratize access to these benefits so they aren't just there, but benefiting you directly."

Shawn Watkins & Jared Rodman, Founders

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Interested in Learning More?

We’ve created a way to help employees take ownership in their company. It's your stock - we just help you get it.

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