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How it Works

Taabl revolutionizes the administration of stock-based benefits, starting with ESPPs. Our platform empowers administrators to effortlessly track critical data, facilitating strategic executive decisions and achieving organizational objectives.


For employees, we dispel the 'black box' mystery by providing a transparent dashboard, designed to answer their questions comprehensively.


With Taabl, managing stock benefits becomes simpler, more insightful, and wholly transparent.

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How Taabl Helps

Taabl replaces complex spreadsheets with a streamlined platform, tracking contribution periods, employee engagement, and simplifying expense reporting. Our system efficiently calculates Black-Scholes data, monitors your evergreen fund, tracks expenses, and enables easy auto-export of essential information.

Experience significant savings in both time and money!

What do you need to do?

Reach out for a demo.

Ready to see Taabl in action? Complete our contact form to schedule a demo, and let's discuss how we can enhance your existing processes. For any further inquiries, feel free to email us at

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Sign up now for our waiting list!

When you're ready, join our waiting list to experience our platform firsthand, we'll guide you through a smooth data import process for an effortless transition. As an ISO 27001 certified company, we prioritize security above all, ensuring your peace of mind every step of the way.

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Tell us what you want to see next.

We're sure you'll appreciate the benefits of using Taabl. Your feedback is invaluable to us for enhancing our current offerings and guiding future product development. We're dedicated to listening to our customers and continuously refining our roadmap to address your most significant needs and challenges.

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Interested in Learning More?
Schedule a demo!

We've developed a solution that gives administrators more time and simplifies the management of stock benefits.

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