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Taabl is for EVERYONE

This calculator will help you see how much you could make by using Taabl.

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How Taabl Helps

Taabl eliminates the need for you to spend any of your own money. We loan you the money to purchase stock over a six-month period. When you sell the stock at the end of this period, we get our money back plus a modest fee, and you get the rest of the profit.


Yes, you read that right: you can make a profit from the stock market without ever spending a dollar of your own money.

What do you need to do?

Sign Up for Taabl

Sign up with Taabl so we can verify that your company has a qualifying ESPP. We will gather some simple information and send a verification to your work email. You will then be given a login to access your Taabl Dashboard.

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Sign up for your ESPP

If not already enrolled in your company ESPP, you will start by doing so. Given the option, you will select to max out your participation (why not? It's Taabl's money!). When deductions are taken out of your paycheck, Taabl will offset those by depositing the same amount directly into your bank account. 

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Stock is Purchased and your Loan Repaid!

At the end of your ESPP window, your stock will be issued. Taabl will help you reconcile your account by selling a portion of the stock to repay the loan + fee. You get to keep the rest of the stock or sell it. Totally up to you!

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Interested in Learning More?

We’ve created a way to help employees take ownership in their company. It's your stock - we just help you get it.

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