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Buy Stock without Spending your own Money

When participating in your ESPP, Taabl eliminates the need for you to spend any of your own money.

"Because most employees who don't participate in ESPPs are the ones who need it the most, we exist to help level the playing field and allow ALL employees to participate and receive company stock."

Shawn Watkins, Founder/CEO

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Why Taabl

ESPPs are one of the best benefits of working for a public company, and yet somewhere between 40% and 60% of all employees don’t take advantage of this benefit.

Why not? In many cases, it’s because their budget is too tight to afford a payroll deduction to buy stock, even if it is at a discounted price. Or maybe they are instead taking vacations, buying a home, or paying for college. Whatever your reason for spending your money elsewhere, our service still allows you to buy stock without using your own cash.

What Taabl Does for You

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Educate You on ESPPs

We highlight what’s important to know about your ESPP and act as a one-stop shop to answer your questions.

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Help You Participate

Taabl helps fund your participation as a way for you to keep your own money and still receive company stock.

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Simple to Use Dashboard

Taabl helps track how much you will gain by participating in your ESPP. Taabl provides complete transparency through the dashboard login.

Interested in Learning More?

We’ve created a way to help employees take ownership in their company and build wealth for their future.

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Taabl is Free

Free education platform, free software, and what feels like free stock for those who want to contribute to their Employee Stock Purchase Plan.

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